Picky Eaters Can be a Blessing in Disguise

Most of my kids are picky eaters—very picky eaters.  I’m talking vegetarians from birth.

Each of them eats 5-10 foods total (not counting snacks, of course…somehow with snacks they’re not picky!).

For my wife and me, this has always been a great source of stress.  We want them to maintain healthy balanced diets, but that can be difficult when your children only eat waffles, pancakes, and cereal.  We’ve tried various coaxing methods over the years, but all with limited success.  So we make sure to give them their multi-vitamins and otherwise we’ve pretty much come to terms with it…

Now that two of our children have serious food allergies, we’ve come to realize that their pickiness is a blessing in disguise.  Of course we are always concerned and mindful of their exposure to snacks outside our care, but their food pickiness has given us a little comfort knowing that they will not eat an actual meal outside our home other than the simple, safe foods they eat.  So we don’t have to worry about hidden  ingredients that a restaurant might use in a dish.  They’d never eat it!

[That being said, there are plenty of dangers outside the home.  Here’s a quick article I recently found…it could be helpful:]

As for the future, our hope is that as our food-allergy kids become more open and experimental with foods, we see real and meaningful progress in curing the food allergy epidemic.

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