A Birthday Promise to my (Food-Allergic) 8 Year Old Daughter

Happy 8th birthday, princess!

We have such a warm and happy home.  Mommy and I love all of you kids so much.  We are really blessed and we know it!

You and your 6 year old brother have food allergies, and I’m so proud of how the two of you deal with it.  Sometimes you really want food… but in the end we realize isn’t safe.  You’re both so mature about it and always have the most positive attitudes.

Your brother follows your lead.  He has his amazing attitude because he learns it from you.  When I think of the two of you it makes me smile.  Both of you in your own way are the most delicious kids.  I love the way you treat each other.  I love tucking you in at night and leaving you both to talk the other one to sleep…I love watching you both run down the steps together in the morning as a team.  And I love the way you care about all your younger siblings and look up to your older siblings.

I promise you that until there is a cure for this food allergy epidemic, I will do everything in my power to protect you.  I will push to make your schools as safe as possible.  I will do my best to build awareness with our friends, family, and community.  I will become an advocate for you and all the food allergy sufferers like you.

There is no amount of money and effort that will hold me back from doing whatever I need to do to keep you safe.  I will support those trying to cure the disease, and while we wait for a cure I will invent things to help protect you.

Keeping you both safe is my most important job.

I love you guys so much.

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